Connect people through scalable and innovative solutions


  • Chat Messenger 
  • Video call
  • Audio call
  • Conference call (audio and video)

Social Games

Bring games in the chat window and help people engage in new ways

Artificial Intelligence Matching

Analyze user profiles and connect them with their best matches in the network

Deep Learning

Use progressive analysis of the users’ behavior to detect new potential partners (romantic, business, friends) for them

Scalable System

Grow your network without interruptions or performance issues

Live products using our social networks solutions




Woo is an innovative app which improves the way people find connections and engage with new partners.

Our solutions stack helped Woo create a revolutionary messaging experience, by integrating social games in the chat window (for both private and group chats). Woo’s millions of users have higher rates of success finding matching partners, due to our AI solution. By implementing our Scalable System we ensured the stability of the platform, as Woo continues to grow its user base.

Read more about how we helped Woo become a top dating app for iOS and Android here.

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