Easily expand your product’s visual content and features

Image Processing

Process uploaded images and add graphic controls to reshape them as needed, including Augmented Reality features

Image Recognition

Identify objects or shapes (e.g. people, objects,  nature etc) in visual content, through fast image processing and analysis

Customized Video Stream Player

Add the most popular type of content to your product, with a video player optimized for high processing speed. Easily adapt it to your brand, through complete customization (e.g. size, form, color, logo, etc). 

Live products using our photo & video solutions




TuneMoji is the first and only MusicGIF Community Network in the world. To turn their vision into reality we used multiple photo, video and audio solutions.
Our image recognition and processing solutions enabled TuneMoji users to easily create and personalize GIFs. The customized video stream player was essential to allow users to view and share video content in a matter of seconds.

Read more about how we helped TuneMoji gain 3M users here.

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