Integrate content from images & documents in your app with ease

Scanning (Optical Character Recognition)

Scan, analyze and evaluate the content and authenticity of a document or electronic signature

Emotion and object detection

Easily identify and interpret signs of emotions and detect object outlines

Facial detection

Accurately recognize, analyze and compare facial models with pre-existent information

Pattern recognition

Quickly process and validate visual patterns

Image fragment search

Use specific, targeted search parameters to identify an image based on one of its components (e.g. search the library for the image of a car with a specific plate number)

Live products using our image recognition & processing solutions

Enlive Dental

Enlive Dental

Enlive Dental is a platform which helps dental centers run a more efficient front desk service. To reduce traditional bureaucracy and waiting times, Enlive eliminated the need for paper documents and physical files. 

Our scanning and pattern recognition solutions enable the app to process patient files, appointments, signatures and treatment schemes in seconds. The image fragment search allows the medical staff to find any information they require and have precise patient monitoring and treatment administration.

Read more about how we helped Enlive Dental reach a 5.0 ⭐rating on the App Store here.

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