Healthcare app development services

Healthcare Applications

Fitness applications & lifestyle tracker

Safely collect and analyze personal data

Healthcare Applications

Open Dental Software

Digital appointments and medical records for dental clinic patients

Healthcare Applications

IoT Integrations

FDI approved solution to collect user data from 100+ medical devices

Healthcare Applications

Remote Management Solution

Easily collect data, process it and automate in-app actions

Custom & cross-platform mobile app and web software solutions for the healthcare providers

Automate and digitize the healthcare industry to enhance processes in healthcare centers and provide advanced and easy-to-use services for leading a healthy lifestyle. Healthcare software can be implemented with the help of web and mobile apps as well as innovative technologies like IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

Opportunities for Healthcare Solutions

Each healthcare solution should be unique and add value to its users. Both healthcare personnel and those who are interested in staying fit and healthy can benefit from the following improvements through innovative projects:
  • Streamline workflow and processes – advance the internal operations from removed paperwork to unified databases in hospitals and other centers to lower expenses and provide better healthcare services.
  • Coverage in remote areas – deliver patient care in a convenient and quick way in a distance. This increases service availability makes the consultation with a healthcare professional way easier and improves the workload in clinics.
  • Reduce expenses – automate operations and reduce bureaucracy to increase cost-effectiveness inside the healthcare centers.
  • Fast and effective treatment and prescriptions – build e-health platforms that help to observe the health condition of a patient in remote as well as adjust the health treatment and prescription based on the collected analytics presented in dashboards.
  • Support of practitioners in their routine – support healthcare professionals in their daily operations by creating internal digital systems, online planners, vitals tracking dashboards, and so on.
  • Eliminated risks and decreased human errors – help to reduce errors in the treatment of a patient and improve the accuracy and speed up the decision-making process for the therapy.

Live products using our healthcare solutions

Our Healthcare App Development Portfolio

Healthcare Applications

Sentinel Healthcare

Healthcare Applications
Healthcare Applications

Sentinel Healthcare - iOS l Android

Sentinel Healthcare solution assists patients and doctors to track health vitals via the connected and FDA-approved wearables.

This allows for better health treatment and prevention of potential health issues. Sentinel Health offers a mobile solution for subscribed healthcare professionals. This powerful product collects information in a safe and secure way. The data is analyzed and turned into a conclusion with the necessary set of actions.

The created IoT-enabled system assists Sentinel Health with improved healthcare services and the Remote Management platform gives the plan for personalized treatments for each particular patient.

Read more about how we helped Sentinel Healthcare raise $ 2M investments here.

Our Technical Expertise for Healthcare Solutions

Our Technical Expertise for Healthcare Mobile Solutions


Our team delivers both native and cross-functional healthcare solutions. Our expertise includes the capabilities of working with iOS and Android operating systems and utilize necessary libraries and frameworks for healthcare mobile app development.

Web platform

CMS, dashboard, web portals, internal management systems is a field of our specialization. We can create healthcare systems on the web to support health personnel as well as create analytics with web technologies – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript frameworks, as well as other tech stacks.

Internet of Things software

Our team has experience of working with IoT and creating successful networks of interconnected devices that provide the necessary data to the healthcare system. The advantages of IoT software for healthcare are many. The utilization of gadgets provides greater user experience and service effectiveness. We can help you to develop telemedicine, monitoring, management of medication services, workload systems inside clinics and for living a healthy lifestyle and for personal well-being.

The appliance of the innovations

The presented innovative technologies allow taking the user-experience to the next level. Our team has a related knowledge and capabilities to include these technologies in healthcare development.

Healthcare Applications


The human-to-machine interaction helps to understand requests, connect data entries, and come up with the necessary conclusions. The appliance of the AI and ML lies in error-free and quick diagnosis, intelligent symptoms checker, analyzed and structured health-related data, and other assisting services. The advantage includes analysis of massive data, possibility to automate processes, and reduce costs on daily operations.

Healthcare Applications


Usage of Blockchain technology allows healthcare centers to collect, keep, share information in a highly transparent and secure way. Take the advantage of Blockchain in healthcare software and make the processes of working with information simple.

Healthcare Applications


AR & VR technologies that are applied in the commerce environment greatly these days, give their benefits in the healthcare industry too. The technologies can be used to diagnose and provide necessary treatments, which can increase profit. As well, AR & VR technologies can serve an educational purpose for medical students, personnel, and even for personal health awareness.

Healthcare solutions created by the Addevice team offer wide technical expertise for healthcare professionals as well as for individual well-being.

Healthcare service for clinics and healthcare professionals

  • EHR/EMR software – create great possibilities to have an up-to-date and unified database of all patient-related information as well as other health-related data
  • Telehealth and telemedicine apps – help to conduct video consultations with healthcare professionals
  • Appointment application – allow users to schedule visits to the clinics easily and quickly. In their turn, healthcare centers can manage their workload efficiently
  • E-prescription software – helps to prolong the drug prescription period and prescribe the necessary treatment and medication without doctor visiting
  • Patient monitoring and tracking systems – provide the opportunity to control post-surgery and other patients and input adjustment to their medication quicker
  • Apps for education and training – guides and educates future health workers, or even can deliver a unified plan of reactions in case of a crisis like COVID-19

Healthcare solutions for personal healthcare management

  • Healthy lifestyle apps – wellness apps, namely mental health and habit tracking services
  • Fitness and diet apps – personal training apps, weight loss and control apps as well as calorie consumption services
  • Apps for mindfulness – apps for meditation, sleeping, stress-relief, deep breathing, and similar practices
  • Women’s health apps – calendar trackers, services for pregnancy tracking
  • Quick diagnosis and symptom checkers – services for evaluating health condition quickly and conclusions for next steps
  • Chronic condition apps – includes apps for diabetes, blood pressure, and others
  • Doctor-on-demand services – online, real-time video consultations with healthcare professionals
  • Reminder applications – medication trackers, drug-intake apps, and similar software

Key Features of Healthcare Solutions

There are unlimited areas for improvement in the healthcare area that may imply the following functionality:

  • Google fit & iOS Healthcare Kit integration
  • Electronic healthcare records
  • Telemedicine (video doctor consultations)
  • E-prescription
  • Online payments
  • Advanced healthcare dashboards
  • Booking appointments in health centers
  • Insurance plan management
  • Patient tracking platforms
  • Portals for patients and health workers (Intranets)

Why Choose Addevice as a Healthcare Solution Provider

Why Choose Addevice as a Healthcare Mobile Solution Provider

What differentiates the Addevice team from other software development companies?

We ensure that your healthcare project meets industry standards and applies the latest technologies:

  • have experience in building successful healthcare projects
Healthcare Applications

Service is well-structured and has intuitive navigation

Healthcare Applications

Wnsure software maintenance of high performance and quick in its operations

Healthcare Applications

Provide seamless app flow and thus simple to use

Healthcare Applications

Can include different payment methods

Healthcare Applications

Projects correspond with their end-users needs

Healthcare Applications

Follow the industry standards like HIPAA and FDA guidelines

Healthcare Applications

Apply a user-friendly and appealing design that supports its functionality

Healthcare Applications

Provide a high level of security and include end-to-end encryption protocols

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