Does your MOBILE product need a specific AI solution? We can help you solve any challenge with a custom-built Artificial Intelligence solution. Here are some of the AI-BASED MOBILE solutions we’ve created for our clients.

IoT - Internet of Things

Connect various devices to your app and collect data to generate relevant content and actions for your users

Image Processing and Categorization

Analyze visual content and add controls to reshape content as needed

AI Matching

Process any type of data (images, text, etc) and identify top matching items within your app

Virtual Assistant

Add automatic data processing and action triggers to your app

Medical Imaging & Diagnostic

Record, label and safely store medical documents

Classifying And Ranking

Organize any type of data from your app and use it to create value for your users

Peer-to-Peer Networks

Add simple and secure features for voice, video or data communication to your product

Facial Recognition

Create a security layer in your app with powerful image processing capabilities

Augmented Reality

Bring the unlimited possibilities of digital graphics and animations to real world environments 

Live products using our AI solutions

Sentinel Healthcare


Sentinel Healthcare

Sentinel needed to collect user data from multiple devices and automatically generate customized alerts for their users. We built an AI solution capable of analyzing, classifying and turning large amounts of data into medical recommendations for each patient. You can read more about how we helped Sentinel here.

The possibilities are simply endless for AI solutions. So if you’re looking for solutions to save time and money, while also preventing human errors, get in touch with us. We can build an AI solution for any problem.

Let’s talk about the right solutions for your product.