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About Clients Meet Workers Online

Varpet connects clients with local workers who provide housekeeping and personal care services. Clients can book appointments or request immediate interventions from professionals such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, hairdressers, gardeners, interior designers, and many others. Varpet makes proximity services available instantly, with no hidden fees.

App performance
  • 10% of target market (35k+ users) signed up with Varpet in just 6 months
  • 1000+ service providers registered
  • 4.7 ⭐User Rating on Google Play
  • 4.6 ⭐User Rating on App Store
  • Available in 3 countries (as franchise)
The Clients Meet Workers Online challenge

Varpet’s main objective and our main challenge was to create a flexible gig marketplace, the equivalent of Uber for service providers. The app would allow clients to define a service request and a schedule, while enabling service providers (workers) to easily pick up & invoice the request.

Our solutions stack
Artificial Intelligence

Our AI solution analyzes more than 115 types of data to create a user profile. This user profile is then used by the platform to suggest the best job opportunities, for both clients and workers.

Image Processing

This solution gives workers the ability to remotely sign up to the platform. The registration process only take 5 minutes and requires them to simply scan their ID or passport.

VoIP (Voice over IP)

The VoIP solution allows clients and workers to communicate within the app. Our solution also stores the entire history of a work order and any communication related to it. This feature prevents and helps solve any potential misunderstandings or complaints between buyers and workers.


Varpet supports all local and international credit cards, making it extremely easy for clients to pay for the work orders they purchase.

In-app chat, supporting transfer of images & other file types

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