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About Easy Insurance Service

Stonestep makes insurance easy to buy for customers from 6 mature and emerging markets. The app pioneers the concept of “Microinsurance as a Service”, enabling mobile network operators, retailers and other corporations to sell insurance policies to their clients.

App performance
  • 500M users in 6 countries
  • 70% of population serviced, in 5 countries where Stonestep operates
The Easy Insurance Service challenge

Our unique challenge with Stonestep was creating the SDK (software development kit) platform that would analyze a person’s behavioral data and use it to predict potential incidents involving that person. This information is extraordinarily useful for insurance companies using Stonestep’s app.

Our solutions stack
Motion Tracking

This solution collects user location & movement information, based on GPS tracking, accelerometer data and compass records. The collected data is then submitted to the AI solution for further processing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The AI solution is designed to collect and interpret data about a user’s daily behavior, such as:

  • Activity profile – steps taken & walking distances, running sessions, time spent at the desk, jumping
  • Driver profile – hours spent driving, driving speed, behavior behind the wheel etc

This information is analyzed and used to generate “risk reports” for the respective user. These reports include probabilities for various accidents to which the user is exposed, given his/her daily habits and lifestyle.

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