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About Stonestep

Stonestep is a Swiss-based insurtech startup that has disrupted the traditional insurance market.

Stonestep makes it easy for mobile network operators, retailers, and financial service providers to build and grow successful insurance offerings alongside their usual product offerings, helping them build brand loyalty and generate additional revenues for their businesses.

Headquartered in Switzerland, the property/casualty insurtech startup rapidly expands and changes how insurance is delivered in emerging markets (in South America, Africa, and Asia).

App performance
The Stonestep challenge

Predictive analytics is an indispensable tool to stay ahead in the global insurance market. Addevice was tasked with creating an SDK platform that would analyze user data to predict potential accidents based on the user behavior.

The SDK platform for Stonestep was created in less than 7 months.

Our solutions stack
GPS, accelerometer and compass

These solutions enable to collect data on driver’s geolocation, movement, and speed of movement. GPS information, for example, can show whether a driver travels into areas where there is a higher risk of accidents or car theft.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s no secret that AI and its related technologies have a huge impact on all aspects of the insurance industry.

AI is used in the insurance industry to capture, store, transmit, and analyze user data. For example, it’s used to follow the driving habits of people (when the car was used, distance driven, time spent driving, how fast a driver typically drives, etc.).

Based on this information, clients can better understand their customers, create more personalized service, sell the right product, and target the right customer.

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