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About Hypertension Medical Care

Sentinel helps hypertension patients enjoy a safer life every day. Patients benefit from 24/7 vital signs tracking and simplified communication with their medical care teams. The app also provides clinicians with accurate patient data, medication and symptom management.

Medical Application Development
App performance
  • USD 2M investments raised
  • 4.9 ⭐User Rating on Google Play
  • 5.0 ⭐User Rating on App Store
The Hypertension Medical Care challenge

Building Sentinel meant creating a complex platform which would automatically collect and organize data about the patient’s treatment protocol. The platform would also analyze this data to generate predictions and possible diagnosis for a patient’s condition.

Our solutions stack
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our Artificial Intelligence solution analyzes patient information and registered symptoms to generate predictions and possible diagnosis for the patient’s condition. These predictions offer near 100% accuracy and reduce the doctors’ workload by as much as 10 times.

FDI Approved IoT Devices integration

Our certified solution enables Sentinel to access and collect personal data from over 100 medical devices (e.g. thermometers, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, etc). All data collected this way is processed by AI for analysis and predictions.

Security System

We developed a high level hyper compliance security system, to safeguard the patients’ data. Our solution guarantees that Sentinel’s database simply cannot be hacked.

AI messaging, to automatically send useful information to patients. The app interprets all outstanding variations in key indicators (e.g. pulse levels) and sends alerts and recommendations (e.g. rest or sit down) to the user affected.

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