Medical & Healthcare Apps for Businesses

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Medical & healthcare apps for businesses

“Automation makes population health management feasible, scalable, and sustainable.”

Institute of Health Technology Transformation

In which segments medical and healthcare apps may be used

The current state of healthcare systems needs substantial improvement, especially in the recent outbreak of Covid-19. These days, the novel Coronavirus has infected almost 300,000 people with 13,000 deaths in the majority of countries. This continues to impact the world and its economy drastically.

What’s important for integration of mobile healthcare services?

Integration of mobile healthcare services

Let’s face that it is necessary to integrate mobile healthcare services and innovative projects of healthcare software development to prevent similar epidemic situations and address other no less important medical issues.

Healthcare automation and digitalization across most of its sectors implies lots of benefits, namely:

  • Removal of bureaucracy
  • Minimization of human errors
  • Improved medical treatments
    Quicker diagnosis and pre-screening processes
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Cutting the operational costs
  • Improvement of global health
    Speeding up the provision of healthcare service
  • Access to the medical service in remote
  • Unified and secure medical and patient databases

So what are the areas and sectors of healthcare that can take advantage of innovative and mobile healthcare solutions?

Generally, healthcare can be divided into four sub-sections. Let’s define how each unit may advance from healthcare software development.


These are hospitals, clinics as well as private practitioners that provide medical services and deliver goods. This category also includes general and surgical clinics and lots of other establishments with a particular medical specialization like emergency care, family planning, nursing, and ambulatory service.

These public and private organizations can use mobile healthcare development services to build:

  • patient management
  • monitoring systems
  • doctor schedule & management tools
  • planning software
  • appointment systems
  • inventory management
  • urgent care apps
  • and many others


Insurance companies are an integral part of healthcare systems, especially in developed countries. Aside from health insurance, healthcare consultants can also give users the necessary insights into the hassle-free and the best healthcare plan and insurance policies.

These providers can assist their clients and build educative platforms or client portals. Also, it is possible to create mobile health apps for professional social networks or platforms.


This is a huge healthcare sector that concentrates on researching and producing medication. Any drug or medicine needs to receive a license by the FDA or similar and follow a range of laws and regulations imposed by governments. This procedure may take a few years before the official drug release.

Thus, modern technologies can minimize time when the medicine is available to the mass user. The integration of healthcare automation would definitely reduce time to the market and pharmacies.


Firms and faсtories that supply healthcare providers with the necessary medical utilities and equipment fall in this category.

The innovative technologies allow for designing more effective solutions like mobile scanning and logistics applications, inventory control, pre-order and ordering platforms, and so on.

Let’s now identify what are the technologies that can assist the healthcare sectors by removing bureaucracy, manual functions, cut operational expenses, and so on.

Technologies used in medical & healthcare apps development


Medical app development that utilizes the smartphone and functionality of other smart devices provides an advanced value. In order to develop the software operating on iPhone devices, it is necessary to apply specific tech stacks and follow the platform guidelines. The same is applicable for the Android operating system.

To build an iOS or Android client app, it is necessary to use Swift and Kotlin programming languages. For the back-end developments and server setups, it is possible to apply technologies like Node.js, Python, Ruby, cloud-service platforms of AWS, EC2, S3, and PostgreSQL or MySQL database.


The IoT may be utilized in any health-related area by uniting medical hardware and software. The system uses distinct sensors and processors to collect data and share it across the network. The technology can connect not only with one device but also it is possible to create a complex ecosystem of interrelated tools and gadgets.

In the upcoming years, the implementation of IoT solutions is expected to grow, which is a subject of healthcare software development. Statista states that in 2020 almost 161 million IoT devices are going to be delivered and used.

The moment when wearable devices, home medication dispensers, personalized trackers, digital cameras, and other medical equipment are interconnected, it will result in the next-level healthcare service, as stated by Forbes.

Vitals trackings, efficient operations in inventory management, treatments of chronic diseases, telehealth surgeries, built-in emergency response systems, trackers of mood and just a few directions where IoMT software can be employed.


It makes no doubt that the healthcare industry holds and processes huge masses of different information. Big Data allows effective gathering and elaboration on internal medical documentation as well as patient data (EHR & EMR).

This operations surely remove bureaucracy among healthcare providers, improve patient diagnostics and care as well as add value in medical research and the field of analytics.


Advancements in language processing technology results in the creation and application of chatbots, voice recognition systems, voice assistants, etc. This is only the beginning of the story related to machine learning use cases. Automated healthcare operations with the help of ML and AI will bring user experience to the next level.


Blockchain technology is widely known due to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. However, it is a great one to provide top security and transparency levels within the healthcare industry. The technology removes paperwork and offers fast and secure information sharing.

Our experience in development of medical & healthcare applications

Development of medical & healthcare apps

The team of Addevice is an experienced offshore software provider. Our company designs and develops top-notch healthcare applications as well as can use innovative technologies of IoT and AI. We create solutions for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, patient portals, doctor-on-demand projects. As well, our team can integrate and gain data from 100+ medical devices, and 3rd party services to build a complex app functionality.

As an example, the created Sentinel Healthcare project improves the collaboration between a doctor and a patient for advanced medical treatments.

Contact us for detailed consultation and elaboration of your project.

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