Addevice in the top mobile development companies

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Addevice has been listed among the top mobile development companies by TechReviewer

Addevice has been listed among the top mobile development companies by TechReviewer
TechReviewer is an analytics hub that carries out studies and publishes lists with the best software development companies in various business domains based on market research and analysis. TechReviewer compiles the lists of the leading mobile development companies in various categories based on extensive market research.

What is our specialization

Addevice is specialized in creating mobile applications and custom solutions for mobile products. We’ve been creating and launching mobile products for entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises for over 6 years. Our professional team developed a platform that helps dental centers run more efficient front desk service, a smart shopping Fitle app revolutionizing the way people buy clothes online, a social network app Clipeo, where people can express themselves and connect through music the other app, called Varpet connects clients with local workers who provide housekeeping and personal care services, Stonestep makes insurance easy to buy for customers from 6 mature and emerging markets, Gulfsip provides reliable VoIP solutions for people, the other one: TuneMoji is the first and only MusicGIF Community Network in the world, which allows users to express their creativity freely. We have implemented numerous enterprise-related projects as well.

What is our mission

We believe that only the results we deliver really matter. Our mission is to help our customers develop and grow from the idea stage to become a great company by providing the best experience, necessary and appropriate solutions. To support them by implementing their courageous, seemingly unreal ideas most efficiently through careful and persistent teamwork and efforts. Analyzing business needs our team offers a competitive and challenging product following market requirements, which will help to raise and take a leading position.

In process we trust

We’ve already built VOIP solutions, Healthcare applications, Social networking apps, Mobile messaging, AI solutions, Augmented Reality apps, Image Processing / Manipulation, Photo and Video solutions. The history of our company can be very inspiring for young entrepreneurs.

Addevice has been listed among the top mobile development companies 2020

We are happy to be listed on TOP mobile development company selection as this proves once again our competitive and influential role in the market, which can give more trust and confidence to our customers, and motivates us to take this journey with them and bring new innovative and specific solutions to optimize business processes, help to solve various challenges and provide the best services.

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